The Number Fest

The Number Fest Athen's Ohio Attendance: 20,000 Years: 2012 (10th Edition), 2013 (11th Edition), 2014 (12th Edition) 2015 (13th Edition) The Number Fest has been going long and strong for 12 years now. The first festival was called One Fest. Then they had Two Fest, Three Fest, etc. So in 2009 the festival became: The Number Fest. The Number Fest would change it’s name each year to add: The 12th (or whichever) Edition. I was not hired to create the original logo, however all the variations and styles to the vector logo you see below are my creations. I am in charge of all things creative and then some for The Number Fest. This festival was the first time I have created scrims for staging and stage design. Not only on this project do I manage all the creative direction, but as well oversee all onsite activations of these, as well as motion graphics for video promos.

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